Monday, September 9, 2013


Frieder and I traveled to Nantucket this weekend along with some friends (Pat, Bill, and Tine).  We've been to Martha's Vineyard multiple times, but had yet to visit Nantucket.  It is a bit more difficult to get there, since it is a good deal farther offshore and there are no ferries out of Woods Hole.  The journey involved driving to Hyannis (about an hour away) and then taking an hour long ferry ride on the fast ferry- the slow ferry trip is two hours!  Here we are on the ferry, eagerly awaiting our arrival with lots of energy.

Frieder and Bill had some of the worst coffee I've ever tasted- they were wishing they had a beer like me!

Once we got there, we spent some time walking around the quaint town, complete with cobblestone streets and narrow one ways.  Here is a photo of Main Street.

We had some nice coffee and treats in town before loading up on our bicycles and hitting the road.  Nantucket has a great network of bike trails, making it possible to access most of the island without having to share space with vehicles.  The paths usually parallel the road, and are wide and flat.  The center of the island was beautiful- low trees and lots of bushes.  There were some grape vines growing along the side of the path in one area, but no one was brave (or silly) enough to taste any.  We biked from Nantucket town to Siasconset, a village on the eastern most portion of the island.  There, we went for a quick swim in the Atlantic (it was very chilly!) and spent some time lounging on the beach.  Someone abandoned a wiffle ball and bat, so we played around a bit in a sort of 4 person (Bill was sleeping) makeshift ball game.

We took a route along the northern half of the island, our next destination being Cisco Brewers.  Once we made it there (a long, hard ride later), we enjoyed some beer and chips in the yard, with music in the background and kids and dogs playing around.

We hopped back onto our bikes, although a bit grudgingly as we were already tired, to head back into Nantucket town.  We eagerly grabbed some dinner, a few more beers, and then loaded back up on the ferry to go home.  We managed to see a good portion of the island (biking around 20 miles), go for a swim, eat good food, hear fun music, play wiffleball, and generally have a gosh darn good time!  I'd recommend a trip there to anyone who has the time (and money- it is pricey!) to go; it is definitely a special, unique place.  To sign off, I'll post the only photo of yours truly from the day- I spent most of my day behind the camera!  Till next time,

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