Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday everybody!  I do like my job at WHOI, but I'm always glad when Friday rolls around, for a couple of reasons.  One is that the weekend is finally here!  Another reason is that we splurge on Friday and drop Prancer off at "doggie daycare".  It is a bit silly, but she gets to spend her day playing with other dogs out in a big yard with tons of toys in it, instead of spending another day at home waiting for us to return from work.  I drop her off in the morning, and in the afternoon when I pick her up, we go to the nearby conservation area for a nice long walk.  The walk is not necessary for her (she's already pooped), but since I've been cooped up inside all day (most of the week actually!) I look forward to a walk through the woods and meadows that make up Crane Wildlife Management Area.  The place is huge, and I have to be careful to pay attention to where I'm going- I've missed a turn before and gotten us a bit lost!  Fortunately, Prancer doesn't mind since she is at her happiest when she is running around, enjoying the "wilderness" (it is about as wild as it gets on Cape Cod).  The trainer that we've been working with has helped us achieve the ability to let Prancer run off-leash, and she couldn't be happier.  She comes when called, knows how to heel, and is generally great company when you leave the sound of the road behind, exchanging it for birdsong and the sound of the wind in the trees.  I've attached a photo of her about to enter one of her favorite meadows on our route- there are usually lots of birds that fly away as soon as they catch sight of her, but she keeps on dreaming that one day she'll catch one.

Since we got home, she's been conked out on her bed, showing no signs of life except the occasional deep breathing and paw twitching that tells me she's having a good dream.

I'll be trying to post photos often, even if it is just one at a time.  This weekend should be an exciting one- we have plans to go to Nantucket on Sunday!  We have never been there, but the island is supposed to be very beautiful, and a lot of fun.  Stay tuned.

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